night shots

The colors of the sunset that we saw coming home from an adventure on Cayuga Lake near Ithaca NY. This image is from the Rt. 201 crossing in Johnson City New York. Moon 007 The moon coming up over the horizon at 6:57pm local time on the Vestal Parkway East. Also on the Rt. 201 Crossing. Moon 008 9:24pm from the front yard in Binghamton NY. Moon 009 9:32pm Moon 010 9:47pm Moon 011 10:03pm Moon 012 And my last image of the night taken at 10:09pm. It was a fun, enjoyable outing to watch as the moon was going through its eclipse and I learned some new things with my camera as well. Night shots are still something that I'm working on and hope to master some day. Until the next eclipse, enjoy MT :)

Hello every one, it's bean a couple of weeks séance my last post but I'm still hear. Things are fine and I'm looking forwards to the onset of spring in Binghamton NY. Today I'm sharing some images of a foggy March 10th night on the Chenango River that I thought were pretty cool. Me and my oldest son (MCD) took a midnight wake to play with our cameras for nether one of us have really done any night shooting that amounted to anything before and we were queries. Well, to get started: The top image and the next one are of the Exchange Street Bridge looking up stream from the rivers edge. The third images is of the Washington Street Bridge. The one after that is the Rt 434 Crossing Bridge, that is one of the main artery of traffic in the Binghamton and Vestal area. The last image is of the old Crowley's Dairy Plant as it sits next to the river with the tall chimney. Night Shoots 005Night Shoots 001Night Shoots 002Night Shoots 008

A night shoot of the Washington Street Bridge in Binghamton NY. Yes, I do take a lot of images of this bridge if your familiar with my work. This is the only bridge in my area that gives me a magical feeling when I look at it compared to the other ones in the area. It's got a majestic quality to it as it stands over the Chenango River.

This is just an images that I was fooling around with take images of the moon and seeing what I could come up with. I must of toke 40 or 50 images of it looking through the trees and stuff. This was the only one that I liked during this particular outing.

A Winter seen from my neighborhood last month with all of the snow we got from one of the storm systems that when through. It's almost all gone now, the rain that we got in the middle of the week has taken most of it all away. Still dealing with sporadic cold weather with the occasional snow flurries like today in Binghamton. I just wonted to share this images with you all today because I love the lighting in this particular image, hope you enjoy it :)