Daily Archives: December 18, 2020

Well sorry, yesterday I did not post anything. I was on a 30 day posting straight streek that I blew, oh well. Yesterday at 5 am in the morning we were trying to dig out of the record snow fall that we had here in Binghamton, New York. We had a Northeastern pass through that left 42 inches after it was all said and done, breaking a three-year old record of 35 inches in a single event. M-C and I were trying to go to work as part of our school's snow removal team. We never made it in. We got as far as the proverbial doorstep and had to turn around. A trip that normally takes us 12 to 15 minutes one-way took us a little over an hour. I have never seen it this bad here. The road crews were only concentrating on the main routes and highways as they should. The snow was still coming down and they were having a hard time keeping up with it. Secondary roads were untouched at this point. There were stranded cars all over the place, some blocking intersections and some on off & on ramps. I was nervous as I was going out with my four-wheel drive truck and these people were out there with two-wheel drive vehicles. Brave, but in the end result, foolish. We all were foolish.

My little F-150

Nicholas's F-250

Michael-Cornelius's Mercury

Michael-Cornelius digging out his car.
Maria helping clean out the vehicles and sidewalk.