Happy Thanksgiving Wish

The only Wild Turkey picture that I walked away with this year. It’s not the sharpest image that I have taken but I hope enjoy it.

Today I wanted to reach out and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day that we celebrate here in the United States every November. I know not all of the countries have a holiday like ours here and yet some have a different version of it. Through difficult times and good, we come together as a community of families and give thanks of the past year even though it may have been a difficult one; In trying times, like now with covid-19, to reach back and be thankful to how and what we are as a people and or as a person; What we have endured through hardships and loss or we have prospered from, enjoying the fruits of our lives and of this world. As a global family I wish you all the best, I give thanks and praise for the privilege to have known you all in our little WordPress World. Thank you for your comments, likes and support. It’s always given me pleasure to share a little bit of my world with you. Thank you, Take care and Godspeed to you all, Michael

  1. Thank you, Michael, and Happy Thanksgiving back to you and yours.

  2. chatou11 said:

    Thank you Michael and very Happy Thanksgivig to you and your family .

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