Belted Kingfisher #1

Today’s post is a Guest Post from my 16 year old son Daniel. Recently he has started to get into nature photography like me. This is one of his recent shots he took while kayaking on the Susquehanna River with me of a Belted Kingfisher skimming the surface of the water. He is quite proud of this one.

  1. That’s some fast tracking and focus skills! William

    • Daniel’s got a big smile on face when I showed him your comment. Thank you so very much, Michael

      • When I look back to my photos in my 20’s, granted with a manual SLR, I was no where near Daniel’s skill at his age! So he deserves to smile!

      • I think his tracking skills are currently far better then mine and he’s still learning. Granted that he’s starting with a far better camera then the both of us back in the day.

  2. He definitely should be proud of that shot. Kingfishers are small and really fast–it is hard to keep them in the frame and track them, and even then getting shots in focus can be an issue.

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