Sunrise #2

A May 15th sunrise that I captured on a cell phone at the start of my work day.

  1. Ok, now I bow to you! I use my cell phone for most of my pictures or my little GE point and shoot thing so I am completely amazed by your picture. I think I need to learn more about photoshop cause I mess lots of them up in there!

    • No need to bow and no photo shop here Tracey. All’s I do is crop images and play with the ISO and shutter speed on my camera and phone. It originally took me a bit of time to learn the right settings for what ever lighting situation that I was encountering. Every one can take great pictures I believe with practice and with that experience is gained. Thank you for All the likes as well today, have a great one 🙂

      • I didn’t mean you used photoshop! Just that I need to. Thanks you for the confidence boost!

      • I did not take it that way 🙂 If it helps, You can u-tub everything these days. Put in the name of the device your using and how to salve your problems. Say your images are to grainy to you. They will tell you maybe a couple different was to salve it for you. Can’t hurt 🙂 I do it with about everything these days.

      • Thanks I will try it!

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