Monthly Archives: September 2017

1 A Sunrise picture I took back in mid April I believe with my I-phone. The date did not carry over to my laptop but I'm sure that it was in the first couple of weeks when I moved back to the old building that I work at.

2 A picture of a Northern Male Cardinal I took back in March at Otsiningo Park, Binghamton NY. It was the first really nice day for me to go out for a walk and start rehab on my knee, a few weeks after surgery. I saw quite a few creatures that day and took a hand full of pictures. Canada Geese landing in the pond at the park on one end and Mallard Ducks feeding on the other end. A male Common Golden-eye Duck swimming upstream in the Chenango River with a Hooded Merganser Female fallowing.

23 I believe that this is called a Blue Dasher Dragonfly here. I found him up to the Little Chocnut Site 2 area last weekend on one of my hikes. I think he is the biggest dragonfly that we have in our area.