Common Grackles 3/17


The last few weeks we have bean getting Common Grackle in and are frequent visitors to my bird feeders. With the snow we got this past week the small numbers of them have turned into a hundred or more of them showing up for a meal. I love the color of there heads but that is about it. I’m not a big fan of this bird surprisingly or not. These two images are from today visitors to the feeder.



  1. Leslie said:

    I don’t mind one or two at the feeder, but when they bring all their friends I run out of seed pretty fast. They can devour a suet cake in 5 minutes!

    • Yes, the same thing here. They just devour every thing I put out in one day. At first I thought that I had one group of the that would come around every hour or so. I soon found out that there is six to seven groups of 30 plus birds each and each group will make 2 or 3 visits in one day. Not really the birds I want to see at my feeders all the time.

    • In these pictures with all the snow around there eyes look pail yellow in color. Normally they are a brighter yellow kinda like a taxi cab yellow in NYC.

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