Some pictures of the snow we got

The last two days we have bean getting hit really good with a major storm system in Central New York State. We have gotten 30 plus inches over the last two days and we broke a snow fall record in a 24 hour period of time. I wanted to add a few more images but I’m having issues downloading them to the blog. Getting HTTP error code. The pictures are not coming from my normal art file, but from another folder and the images are larger. The picture I’m posting is of my truck that has a lift kit on it and sits quite high. My shoulders come as high as the front grill on the truck when I stand next to it. The snow on top of the truck was 28 inches deep. We have not had snow like this since early 2000 or so. The only disappointing thing to me about this event is that last week I was taking pictures of my spring flowers coming up. I’d rather have them then the snow. Anyway, hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are 🙂

  1. Nenkinseikatsu said:

    Good luck with the shoveling. Remember: Lift with your legs, not with your back!

  2. Timothy Price said:

    That’s an impressive pile of snow on that truck!

    • We have not seen this amount of snow for a number of years here. Nice in some way but it’s getting closer to spring and all that it brings to the table is greatly anticipated for me. Have a great day on your end Timothy and thank you for all of your visits here, MT 🙂

  3. So much snow in March, when waiting for flowers, that’s a strange surprise.

    • We had 50 to 60 degrees weather one week with the start of spring blooms and then the next “BOOM”, three feet of snow. Just a mild setback for now. Three to four weeks from now we will start to seeing song birds and especially the warblers for me. Looking forwards too that very much. Have A great once it starts for you, MT 🙂

      • We had no snow with the full moon recently, but a frosty come-back of winterly temperatures also, while all around people were writing about bees, flowers and sitting in T-shirts on terrace cafés …
        The stores ran out of bird feed-materials, so the birds sit before my windows, reproachfully. ^^
        But after a last cold storm yesterday, I hope, springtime will start.

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