Daily Archives: February 26, 2017

94 Today I thought that I would share a group of Wildflower shoot that I Took back in 2013 around my general area of Central New York State. Starting to get a lit Spring Fever setting in with the anticipation of it's coming gifts like birds, flower, insects and a hole lot of warm green coloration. It's a bout a month and maybe a half out from here in my parts even though we are having unseasonable warm weather a gain here. Some of my friends are already collecting sap from there Maple Trees and we do have some of our spring plants staring to pock out of the ground that we have noticed. Anyway, enjoy this small collection from the past, MT flowers09797flowers127127 Red Cloverflowers130130 Daisyflowers149149 Speedwellflowers150150 Hawkweedflowers183183 B-eyed Susanflowers278278 Aster Sorry, I do not have the names of the first two flowers image, (94) and (97). (127) Red Clover, (130) Daisy, (149) Speedwell, (150) Yellow Hawkweed, (183) Brown-eyed Susan, (278) Sticky Aster