Monthly Archives: December 2016

11 A fledgling or juvenile Red-winged Blackbird Chick waiting for its parents to bring food to him. The picture is from this past summer and one of my outings. The bird has an interesting color sceam to there breast plate when they are that young.

31 This collection of insect pictures is from this year and are taken from some of the adventures that I've gone on in my area of NYS. I'll try to name some of them, but I'm not totally sure if they are correct for any of your areas. Some may have different name based on your geographic location. This first bug, I believe it to by a Banded Net-wing. Quit common here. insects-04646 A Leaf-footed Bug of some sort. insects-02926 A Spotted Asparagus Beetle. insects-0077 Spotted Cucumber Beetle. insects-03636 A Katydid. insects-0055 A Forest tent caterpillar. insects-01313 Bulb Fly. The next few images I have already previously used on this blog, you mite remember one or two of the images. They are some of the better pictures of insects that I have taken in the past. Enjoy :) bees-all-031Insects 017Bees & All 012Insect 028Butterfly 079Bees & All 008Butterfly 124Dragomfly 006

6 A Pigeon that I found on the River Walk in Down Town Binghamton. Him and his friends seamed happy with me taking there pictures. Kinda like they were posing for me. I find them to have a neat variety of color skeams and coloration in general.  A cool bird that with time will learn to trust you and eat out of your hand if you repeatedly go to the same place every day and offer them food. They will remember you and trust you if your nice to them basically.  I remember doing it as a kid in Johnson City as I was growing up. pigeon-0088pigeon-0033pigeon-0055

These images are from an outing I had gone on this past weekend in Union-Endiccott NY and at the Holiday Parade they had. It was a night event with beautiful lite flouts and trucks and a lot of music. The pictures are not the greatest replica of the event but they are the only usable pictures that I could use to show you. Anyway, hope you enjoy them just the same with out the music of cores. ehp-09ehp-08ehp-07ehp-02ehp-04ehp-06ehp-05 This last shot is my favorite of the group and is of the Wilcox truck leaving the area after the parade was done.

31 A shot I took with my Samsung Galaxy phone while kayaking on the Susquehanna River last weekend down in Vestal, NY. It's bean kinda dark and dismal this past week here with off and on rain with the occasional flurries.