1. A beautiful photo of a “bouquet” of purple clover! So good to see someone else admiring clover flowers. I have taken photos here and there of them. They are often overlooked as they grow along roadsides and in fields and meadows., Every time I see one, I am immediately drawn to look yet again at the fine details in its petal formations. And get a whiff of their scent. 🙂 They’re such a pretty purple!

    • They grow all over here as well. The fields at the family farm that I often mention here in my blog are covered with them. Some have a dark purple coloration but most are like the one’s in this post. They are beautiful and delicate, I do agree. They also draw butterflies and other insects to themselves, especially the small Skipper butterflies. After a good rain storm they also have a nice sweet taste to there petals.

      • Oh, lovely! I can imagine how pretty the view is with clusters of the flowers in your fields. Yes, I like the fact, too, of the insect life that they attract. And yes! They have a pleasant sweet taste to their petals. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one tasting clover petals…..hahaha!

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