Landscape #13


A picture taken looking across the back end of Stillwater Lake from our campsite on the morning of our departure on August 7th. The water started out being nice and calm but ended up being a little rough on the back-end. Me and my oldest son, MCD, kayaked in, as well as some others from our group. Most of the group that we came with did canoe in on our father-son canoe / camping trip to Stillwater Lake. It was quite an adventure for the 3-day stay and the 4-hour paddle in on the first day. Some of the group said that it was about a 10 mile trip but I think it was about 6 miles, maybe. The first day was the hardest with a strong frontal wind that sometimes had the waves it was making crashing into us from right to left. Foaming and bubbling with white caps. So it was a good workout for sure. The way back took us maybe 3 hours and was not as bad until the end.


  1. sueashby7 said:

    We used to do a lot of that sort of thing with our two kids. I loved it. Both of your shots are really gorgeous. I love that moody misty one on the bottom a whole lot.

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