Monthly Archives: June 2016

These are some of the picture that I took at the Syracuse Air Show this year, that was a couple weekends ago. I had a ruff outing of it on that first Saturday of the air show. It rain off and on in the morning with some wind that ended up affected my equipment. It got a little wet to say the least even with the rain gear I had on. The camera had a tough time of it on auto focus and most of the pictures ended up came out bleary or out of focus. I did manage to take these interesting shoots though. Hope you enjoy them, MT :) Syracuse Air Show 209Syracuse Air Show 369Syracuse Air Show 184Syracuse Air Show 355Syracuse Air Show 107Syracuse Air Show 150Syracuse Air Show 454Syracuse Air Show 452Syracuse Air Show 307Syracuse Air Show 053

A March 6th sunset that was taken at the upper end of Cayuga Lake. The big thing that the picture shows is that there is no ice on the lake for that time period. Normally it is frozen over in early March and in this general location.