Toads singing along the river

Toads 001

A Couple shots of toads that I saw singing along the Susquehanna River banks last week. I’ve bean out of town for the past week with the family for a little outing down on the Hudson River near Rhinebeck NY. There was no internet down in the area that I was in to make any posted during that time, sorry. I’ll try to catch up with everybody a little latter on tonight, but just a quick post for me now.

Toads 007

  1. v4vikey said:

    Its croak croak and hop hop is good……..!

    • A lot of croak, croak and hop, hop. There must have been a hundred or more in that little area that I stopped to take the pictures in.

  2. Sally said:

    How lucky to get the singing toad! Around here the slightest movement and the singing stops and everything warty hits the ditch or the nearest cover. Thanks for posting your up-close-and-personal. 🙂

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