Having trouble, help please!

Sandpiper, Killdeer 022

Yesterday I was telling you about using a new Bower Telephoto Lens that I had picked up to take pictures of the moon. I also told you that I was trying to use it for birding as well but I was struggling to get good results. This picture of a Killdeer is what I’ve been coming up with. He was approximately 80 to 90 feet away from me when I took this image of him. All of the images that I’ve taken are slightly blurred  and out of focus and with a yellow tinge to all of them. This picture does not have that tinge to it as much, but the colors are off from what that day was giving us in general. I was using a tripod as a base or platform for taking the picture and the lens has its own mount. As you look through the cameras view finder the image is as clear as if it was right in front of your face.  If anyone has this lens or has any suggestion please do tell. Thanks MT.


PS: the lens is a Manual focus type and can be pulled out from a lock ring device setting to give you magnification. (Bower 650-2600mm Telephoto Lens for the Canon EOS cameras)

  1. I’m sorry, I can’t help. But, I’ve a similar problem twice. First, when I was using a sigma 150-500. sharp images were a game of chance with my D90. now, I have a 80-400. it’s pretty sharp with my D610, but quite soft with the D90. (btw. the D90 is pretty sharp with all of my other lenses!) Thus, I’d reccomend trying the lens with different body. And, than with another body of the same kind as your’s.

  2. MF is trickier than AF, relying on your eyesight rather than the camera’s. If your eyesight is perfect, it may be an imperceptible shake problem and if your lens doesn’t have image stabilising functionality, try using a tripod and remote shutter button. Even with my AF/IS, I have to take several shots at low speed to get good clear shots.

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