The boy in the field

My beautiful picture

When I was a young boy I was always curious and unafraid of exploring the world around me and things in general I’ve been told. My mom told me several stories of my adolescent years were I would be there one moment and gone the next. My parents always had to keep a close eye on me at all times especially when I was not in some kind of enclosure or child restraint. I disappeared in a grocery store once that caused quite a commotion to my understanding. Such fear I must have put in my parents hearts back then and probably now as well to some degree. I was always adventuresome.

On this particular day when this photo was taken, we were at my grandparents’ house, what I call the family farm property now in my posts. I guess I was left unattended for a moment and then I was gone. Created quite a stir for some time. A  search started in the immediate vicinity around the house and eventually fanned out over the 80 acre property.  I don’t know for sure the period of time it took to find me but my uncle who is in this photo is the one how finally found me in the back field chasing butterflies and things of that nature. My uncle has been gone now for some 17 years now and I’m still chasing butterflies in that very field to this day. I believe my father is the photographer of the picture that caught this precious moment in time as my uncle was capturing my attention. God bless them all.

“I used to draw like Raphael. It’s taken my whole life to learn how to draw like a child”

~  Pablo Picasso



  1. I love the adventure and innocence depicted in this photograph. Beautiful memories, in spite of the fact you caused a little stir, grin.

  2. This is one of your beautiful posts, dear Michael, I am impressed so much. Photography is amazing part in our life, Once again fascinating me. Thank you, Love, nia

  3. Lena said:

    Such sweet memories and a lovely picture.

  4. Thanks for sharing this precious moment! I relate, because three of our four children have been “searched for” when they became “separated” from us, briefly, and what joy in finding them. Each is a story in itself.

  5. a beautiful capture – and reminded me of the day my small son went missing, and the whole street was out searching. Thank God he was found…

  6. A beautiful picture captures a beautiful memory to a really warm story that echos today through your photography of your love for the beauty and wonder of this our wonderful world. Thanks for sharing:-)

  7. Stan said:

    Great picture. My dad’s softer side. I know exactly where that photo was taken. Spent many days in that oak tree just behind you and dad.
    I think it must be a Kosick/ Lubzanski trait to wander off. I know on numerous occasions I, too, had wandered away from my dad and mom. One time in particular. Greenwood Park and I was gone so long they were actually searching the water- Lifeguards and all. Joe wanders now too.

    • I think we all climbed that dam tree when we were younger. I climbed into last year to put bird houses on some of it’s branches and had Tree Swallows nest in them. Your right about that wandering off thing, it definitely comes from my mom side of the family. Your father looks great in this picture though the image looks dark and hides his face a little. I often think of him when I’m up to the farm and miss his presents. But time to time I can feel him, like he’s looking over my shoulder or looking out for me and my ducks. I have not lost any of my birds in as many years as he has been gone to predation. On the other hand, Little Michael has been loosing birds left and right down in back for several years! He’s dabbled with pheasant’s for a while and some chickens I think.

      Anyway! How are you, the family and things. I have not herd anything from your side of the world in some time. I herd that there was some health issues but nothing more in the last few months. Have you been fishing at all or been traveling. Whens the next time you mite be coming this way?

  8. This is a beautiful photo and memory. It captures your beginnings and love of nature through a superb photo and this time you are in it!

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