Last bit of winter

Flower 018

The last bit of winter hit us the last couple of days here in Binghamton. We have not  hardly had any snow at all this winter long and now it comes in the first few days of April. Every place else this winter has gotten it around us and further to the south especially, they have been hit harder all along.

I took these pictures of Maria’s flowers in the yard with some snow on them yesterday. Maria is not so happy about the snow on them at all. She thinks it might kill them or something. We’ve been looking so forward to their arrival, it would be a shame to lose them all now.

Flower 020Flower 021

  1. These are gorgeous! I love the combination of snow and flowers 🌸❄️🌸❄️🌸❄️

    • Thank you Trini. Nature dose give us some nice gifts to see.

  2. Lena said:

    I hope the flowers will be ok dispite of the snow, and I agree with Trini, it is a beautiful combination with the sniw and the flowers.

    • Thank you Lena. I do hope that they will fair well through all of this as well. I’m looking forwards to getting more pictures of them.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I think I would rather be taking pictures of flowers in your area right now. You have taken some really great pictures of these beautiful flowers from week to week. Our are just starting to come out now and share their brilliance and designee with all the magnificent colors. Hope your having a great Day, MT 🙂

      • v4vikey said:

        Thanks…. Have a great day…

  3. Snow, flowers and sunlight – they look all beautiful with another.

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