Our first Orchid Flower

Flower 001

Over the last few years, me and Maria have purchased several different types of Orchid plants that already had flowers on them. Once the flowers fell off we never had them come back until this year. This is the first one to bloom for us on its own from a plant that was given to Maria last year.  We thought that we would never see any of them flower again for us. Maria just loves these Orchid  plants along with Hyacinths and Lilac for there beautiful smells. It is a big thrill for Maria especially to have one bloom for her after all this time so like proud parents I’m showing them off.

So these two image 1 & 2 are my first flower pictures of this year. I Hope you enjoy them, ( You as well Maria ) and that you have a great day or evening, MT 🙂

Flower 004

  1. That is the way I feel with my orchids, too 🙂

    • Did you have any re-bloom for you. This was the first one out of about 17 orchid plants at the house. I’m hopping that others have had better results then I’ve had here. Anyway, have a great morning in your location, MT 🙂

  2. Tammy said:

    I have an orchid about to re bloom….and then my other orchid has healthy leaves but no signs of re blooming. Yours is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank you Tammy. I hope the others will start showing since for you and grace you with there beauty once again. Have a great end to your day 🙂

  3. Leslie said:

    Nice! I’ve only had an orchid re-bloom one time, and it was a surprise when it did. I have a green thumb with most plants, but the orchid just sits there and does nothing. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

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