February 6th Sunset in Binghamton

Sunset 017

Today I thought I would present some sunset shots that I took back on February 6th. I was standing on the Washington St. Bridge in Binghamton New York were the Susquehanna and Chenango River come together to flow westwards at this point in the rivers journey to the south. We have been getting one or two good and beautiful sunsets in a week here. Most of the time it is just overcast and cloudy. We did get lucky enough to miss out on all of the snow that everybody has been getting around us the last few weeks. It’s has been cold but nice for the most part!

Well, about the pictures. The first image is actually the last one in the series of shots that I took. All the rest of them are in order so I hope you do enjoy them 🙂

Sunset 009Sunset 010Sunset 011Sunset 012Sunset 013Sunset 014Sunset 015Sunset 016

  1. Lee said:

    Great sequence.

  2. Lena said:

    Sunsets are so beautiful, and colourful. You’ll never get bored watching them.

  3. So beautiful dear Micheal, I love these times of a day… Colours are so beautiful and with the lake there is a wonderful contrast. You did great set. Thank you, love, nia

  4. I like the red streak! I just looked it up and apparently they’re called light pillars, in this case a solar or sun pillar, formed when there are ice crystals in the air. Neato!

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