1. Lena said:

    Now you got me longing for springtime. Lovely picture

    • talain45 said:

      It’s not too far from here now, a couple months off. It’s sorta like spring here in my area with the warm temperature that we have been getting recently. We were fortunate enough to miss the large storm that came up the East Coast and far enough inland from New York City that we did not see or get any snow. That will be great when spring finally gets here in that the bulbs won’t have too much to dig out from and we’ll be able to see more of these lovely creatures in the weeks to come. The anticipation of the times to come ever stirs our hearts and our imaginings grow wild. Until then, may your days be filled with the beauty of the end of this season and the transformation into the next. Have a great day Lena 🙂

      • Lena said:

        Thank you! And nice to hear, it will be at least 3 months before we will have spring here. So I’m glad to enjoy your photos while waiting.

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