Golden wild treasures from 2014

Flowers 220221

Some pictures of wild flower that I took back in 2014. A little bit of everything, dandelions, buttercups, brown-eyed susans and more. I did not take as many pictures of things this past year like I did in years before, so I’m starting to fall back on those earlier years for now with my posted. Hope you don’t mind for now. The new camera has bean taking some really good pictures this past year for me.

Flowers 221220Flowers 092Flowers 161161Flowers 100100Flowers 168168Flowers 203203Flowers 305305Flowers 321321Flowers 215215

  1. Beautiful golden warmth for winter days – how could one mind? šŸ™‚

    • talain45 said:

      Back in late March or April of last year I decided to move up to the digital Cannon 70D model. It has bean a really great camera so far and I’m still learning some of the new functions on it. Recently I have bean playing with some night photography with it and enjoying the results. It is a great starter camera for what I do and the good thing is all of the lens that I have acquired over the years fit up to it. I do think that this is probably the best that you can get for a Cannon product. The next step if I did one would probably moving to a Nikon product. If I had the money when I started out, I would have gone with a Nikon most likely but I’m not complaining. Have a great day Freeda, MT šŸ™‚

      • Thank you! I have a Nikon 3100. Beginning to think I need a newer one.

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