Deer #2

deer 002

A female White Tailed Deer. This doe would visit our neighbor from time to time eating the grass or what ever bulbs that it could dig up and find through out the summer months. Not really causing any really damage to anything. Here she is in one of my neighbors lawns just passing through.

  1. She is lovely! When the humans lived on the Oregon Coast, there was a family of deer who would walk into the backyard every morning and munch on the honeysuckle flowers that grew under our living room windows.

    The human would take her coffee and walk to the windows and watch them. They would just look her in the eye and keep munching! Mol!😸

  2. zenzalei said:

    So beautiful! I love how graceful they are.

  3. Such a nice visitor! I would like to have one like that , too.

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