Flower #58

Flower 058

Just a small offering for today, this yellow wild flower that I found in the back field at the family farm back in May. As usual, I have no idea to what it is. If you have any idea to what it is, please to share it with all of us. The closes thing that I can think of is some sort of buttercup. It is a lovely little thing I think in any case.

  1. Probably some kind of the Geum species, might be wood avens, Geum urbanum.

  2. Nutmeg said:

    I am seeing just a hint of rounded-tipped leaves that might mean this is a Common Cinquefoil, if it has a five-leaflet leaf in which the leaflets come from one point, called palmate. Wood Avens, your other guess, has the same 5 petaled, yellow flowers, but a completely different leaf. Do you have another shot with more of the leaf?
    Best wishes and happy holidays! Nutmeg

    • talain45 said:

      December 20, 2015
      12:19 pm


      I’ll try to go back into the cards to see if I have some more images of the flower. My art file only has this one image of it in it. It will be nice to find out for sure. I’ll let you know if I find something. Thank you Nutmeg 🙂

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