Red-headed Woodpecker #11

woodpecker, Red-headed 011

A red-headed Woodpecker from August 28th. This is one of the series of shots that I got of this beautiful bird on a Wellesley Island State Park stay.

  1. These are so cute! We used to get a lot of them in the backyard where we lived a few years ago. Very fun to watch. Very entertaining for our cats as well!

  2. I saw one many years ago working on a now removed Dutch Elm tree.I could not believe how large it was. I really appreciate your bird photos. The are so hard to capture. They like to pop around.

  3. Every time I see a woodpecker on one of my trees, I think “Oh no. Another one is dying!
    Each spring, I had to call the tree company to take a few more trees down.
    I was told that a woodpecker can hear bugs crawling around inside of a tree. Excellent hearing.

    • talain45 said:

      They are very specialized birds that are in tuned to the environment around them. By watching them we can learn how health are environment actually is around us. Maybe even giving us time to fix things before the are totally gone. Hope your day has a little more color in it now, enjoy 🙂

      • Unfortunately, by the time I saw the big woodpeckers working on a tree…it was way too late to save! This old tree was back in the woods, and I didn’t notice it until all their work was done. The woodpeckers had done an impressive job–they went all the way through to the other side! Could have moved in there with an entire woodpecker family and a big screen TV! 🙂

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