Landscape #17

Landscape 017

A picture of the main body of water and surrounding landscape of the Cannonsville Reservoir that is the North East of Deposit, NY. It is a place that I like to visit from time to time. The only draw back going is that it takes an Hour and twenty plus minutes to get there and the weather is not always the same as it is in Binghamton. This images is from August 1st of this year, definite a good day to visit.

  1. Great example of the often overlook natural beauty in Upstate NY. Beautiful shot.

    • talain45 said:

      I think so too. New York State is often overlooked as being a beautiful state. I think it is a stigma associated with New York City that’s always getting the lime light on a national stage or something. The last good thing that really brought attention to upstate region and the world for that fact was the Lake Placid Winter Olympics in the 90’s. The Adirondack region is definitely a gem but each region does have its own distinct beauty. I’m glad that you liked the post and share in my thinking as well. Thank you, MT 🙂

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