European Starling #7

starling 007

An European Starling from March 25th of 2013 in the back yard. I do not take pictures of these birds too much probably because they are an unpopular bird around here. But as you can see, the bird does have a beauty to itself,

  1. Maureen said:

    I have always found the gloss of starlings’ feathers beautiful…at least they’re not as big menace as mina birds

  2. How beautiful they are… I loved your photograph, as always, Thank you, love, nia

  3. Good photo of an unloved bird…until they are seen in a “murmuration” when hundreds mesmerically swoop and swirl through evening skies. In our neck of the world in Kazakhstan, they are uncommon and a good birding trip tick.

  4. They are loved for some hours, when they come as heralds of spring, and then human jealousy about food takes over … with some reason, as I have seen in my cherry tree and in the vineyards of Austria. But in a more theroretical way, I like them anyway for their beauty and peppiness.

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