Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

These are three images of a creek that I used to hang out and play in as a young man in my teens. I remember building dams to hold back the water and make big pools of water for the fish to gather in. I would catch crabs and frogs, as well as other activities. I learned most of my birds in this timeframe as well on my adventures up the creek. Most of the time that I was up there with my dog, Smoky, and no one else. I would live out some of my imaginings on some occasions or just go for hikes and go birding. The images themselves are from last year May 27th and much has changed in the thirty plus year since my youth. The trails that I had made in the hillside are long gone and some of the terrain is hardly recognizable. The two small meadows that were there are all grown up with trees and brush in the perimeter that used to be a good place to camp or whatever. Even the stream has changed its cores to some degree. The biggest thing though is that there is a high that now parallels a portion of creek going to the airport. It is a different place now but still just as beautiful and I love the memory that it can still bring up. There is probably more that I could say about this lovely place for me but I usually struggle as a good story teller and I generally let my images do most of the talking for them selves. I can usually find a story in images just by looking at them. All I find is just give a time frame and a location to my images and then the visual story begins. Anyway, I hope your enjoying your day or what you have before ya! That you can draw from thing that give you pleasure as well. Peace and happiness to you :) Landscape 014Landscape 011