Male Merganser images from my area

Some images of male Mergansers that I shot back in early spring or late winter on the Susquehanna River in the Binghamton area. The first images is of a Hooded Merganser swimming against the ice. We usually see this lovely Hooded one is the winter and early spring months and they seam just to go away for a few months and then they come back late September.

Merganser, Hooded 003

The next image is of a male Common Merganser with his large white underbelly. I can usually find these birds all year round here in my location.

Merganser, Common 020

And finally the next two images are of a Red-breasted Merganser that are a wrier find in my part of New York State. I never really see them hear. I have seen them in the past in the Great Lake ( Ontario & Erie ) and the Linger Lakes as well. Never in the river in Binghamton.

Merganser, Red-breasted 003

Merganser, Red-breasted 006X

Well, hope you liked the images of these interesting looking birds.


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