Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Mourning Dove from earlier this week on September 22nd in the back yard. They are starting to hang around the bird feeders that I put back up a couple of weeks age. I like to let them know early enough that this will be a good to great feeding station for them over the winter months. If you put out a nice variety of thing for them to eat, you usually can get a good showing of birds that will visit your feeder during that time period.

An American Robin image from October 11th of last year. One of the last photo's that I took of one last year this one was. Some were between the middle of October and December they disappear from here moving to the south for the winter months. Typically we don't see them until March of the fallowing year.

An American Hover Fly taking a brake from this nice vantage point on August 23rd of this year. I'm finding these little ones along the Susquehanna River Banks no mater witch way I go, up or down. I'm running a little late tonight so I thought that I would throw three quick posted on instead of the usual two recently. Have a great one were ever you are :-)

A female Magnolia Warbler (Dendroica magnolia) that was looking for bugs in the Red Maple Tree in the back yard this past Monday, Sept 21st. Difficult little buggers to get shots of. They are always moving around. First time that I've seen one this year and they are already heading south. I got some more images of them today as well. I'm hope that they stick around a little bit longer for more opportunities to get shots.