Some images that I took last night (9/27/15)

sunset 069

The colors of the sunset that we saw coming home from an adventure on Cayuga Lake near Ithaca NY. This image is from the Rt. 201 crossing in Johnson City New York.

Moon 007

The moon coming up over the horizon at 6:57pm local time on the Vestal Parkway East. Also on the Rt. 201 Crossing.

Moon 008

9:24pm from the front yard in Binghamton NY.

Moon 009


Moon 010


Moon 011


Moon 012

And my last image of the night taken at 10:09pm. It was a fun, enjoyable outing to watch as the moon was going through its eclipse and I learned some new things with my camera as well. Night shots are still something that I’m working on and hope to master some day. Until the next eclipse, enjoy MT 🙂

  1. Absolutely incredible pictures! Here in Toronto we couldn’t see the eclipse because of the clouds.

  2. Lisa Roberts Bell said:

    Love the photos. So cool 🙂

  3. laurie27wsmith said:

    Love the last one Michael.

  4. Harmony said:

    With the time difference, you could see the eclipse earlier.All photos are beautiful.Congratulations.

  5. ulsterphotosimages said:

    All pics good , but my favs are the first two still !!

  6. Very nice. I’m going to try some of these night time shots.

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