Daily Archives: September 18, 2015

An kit Red Fox that was playing along the Susquehanna River bank in Vestal NY on May 17th. I was kayaking at the time I saw him jumping and pouncing on something. He was in the shadows for most of the shoots time. These were the only workable shoots that were not to grainy and blurred. Not my best work and I wish that I could have that day back now. I've learned so much more about low lighting situations recently. It would have helped! Hope you enjoy them just the same :) Fox 01Fox 03Fox 04Fox 05

An American Bald Eagle that I saw on July 16th in Conklin, just east of Binghamton NY. I love this shot of him taking off out of the top of the tree. I mite make this my new gravatar image. The second image is of him is just before that moment. Bald Eagle 049