Watery Landscape images of Binghamton shorelines

Landscape 013

An image of the two rivers in Binghamton NY. The green bridge is the Washington St. Bridge that’s over the Susquehanna River and to your extreme left is the Riverside Dr. Bridge that goes over the Chenango River. I got this image while trying to kayak up the Chenango River to the Spiedie Fest at Otsiningo Park on July 31st. The weather was funny that day with a mix of a little bit of everything I think except cold weather.

Kayaking 011

Here is another image from the same location facing the Riverside Drive Bridge. State Office Building straight ahead.

2015-07-31 023

On this trip, Maria accompanied me. You can see her in front of me as we approach the Court St. Bridge. We both got one hell of a work out this day as I remember.

Kayaking 012

Not really sure what the name of this bridge is so I’ll just call it the Clinton St. Bridge! Beyond that is a railway bridge and way beyond that is the I-81 and I-17 merge at Kamikaze Curve.

2015-07-31 071

And the I-81 and I-17 merge again. The only thing different is we our on are way back in this image just a little before I took this image that I already shared with you of a wonderful sunset.

sunset 041

  1. RV John said:

    Looks like a fun ride up and down, well maybe except for all that paddling 🙂

  2. shail said:

    Awesome. The last one is spectacular.

  3. Jane said:

    Beautiful sunset over the water! Kayaking along a river is so relaxing. Great pics. 🙂

    • talain45 said:

      Thank you Jane. I do find kayaking to be quit enjoyable and relaxing as well 🙂

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