Great Egret #9

White Heron 09

Recently we have started to see these Great Egrets in the Susquehanna River while we’ve been Kayaking between Binghamton And Endicott. I’m thinking they are starting their move to the south already perhaps. I know they were not here for most of the summer and I have seen them in more northern places in New York State up past the I-90 corridor. The river is getting quite dry and running low. Maybe it is just easier to get food for them at this particular time? They are nice to see anyway, a pleasant change from some more frequently seen birds that are still around! The image is from September 4th and on this particular outing we saw 5 of them!

I had to do a retraction from my original post of Great White Heron to Great Egret. The difference between the to birds that I can find is the leg coloration. The Egret has black legs and the Heron has yellow legs. The book also states that there is a slit size difference as well. The Heron is a bit bigger. Thanks for the help “Seattle Park Lover”.

  1. Seattle Park Lover said:

    That’s a Great Egret I believe. As far as I know there’s no such thing as a Great White Heron. (Though it would be an appropriate name since it’s so similar to the Great Blue Heron aside from color.)

    • talain45 said:

      I did go back and do a comparison between the two birds. The Egret has black legs and the White heron has yellow.
      I will say that it is a Egret! On the other hand you need to go to the Audubon Society’s Field Guide to North American Birds “Eastern Region” to see a Great White Heron. You will find that they do exist! Enjoy your evening 🙂

      • Seattle Park Lover said:

        I used my Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds app to verify before I said anything, but it doesn’t split things up by region. My paper copy doesn’t either. But my book is out in the car and maybe the app is missing some birds. It’s just I never heard anyone mention the great white before or post a pic. Now I will have to do more checking!

      • talain45 said:

        This mite help both arguments: Great egret – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The great egret (Ardea alba), also known as the common egret, large egret or (in the Old World) great white heron is a large, widely distributed egret.

      • Seattle Park Lover said:

        Aha! I was wondering if it was something like that. Thanks for looking it up.

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