Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

A shoot of a Common Loon stretching his wings August 30th on Millsite Lake in the town of Redwood NY. Redwood is just about 9 miles out side of the Alexandria Bay area and close to our campsite that we stayed in last week in the St. Lawrence Seaway at Wellesley Island SP. I got this image while we were fishing on Millsite Lake this particular day. He or she was just swimming around and catching fish for it's self as well. I think we did catch more fish then he did but we did not keep them for our selves. This is the only time I get to see these magnificent birds and listen to there wonderful calls on these northern New York trips we take. They are not in my area of New York State that I'm aware of. I wish that they were! Common Loon 022X Image #22