Insects #6 & #7

Insect 006

A Cecropia Moth That I found out side my place of work why’ll I was doing a build check on a rainy May 19th. I brought him home to show my boys and let him go in the house to get this top image. Then I released him in the morning and got the second images just before I let him go. He is one of the largest moths we have in our area but rather hard to find. I have only seen them come out at night and have only seen a hand full of them through out my life.

Insect 007

  1. I am so happy you released him but also glad you shared him with your sons and lucky us, too. 🙂

  2. Must have been a wonderful encounter – I have never seen such moth before, living.

  3. What a splendid moth! A very good example why they merit as much interest as butterflies! RH

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