Bees #21

Bees & All 021

A bumble bee enjoying his flower from July 29th.

    • I’m shocked you’re not interested in the bee!

      • MOL!😹 Well, that’s because I saw one sting another kat!!🙀 they’re not going to get me!!

  1. Just for international bloggers, is a bumble bee bigger than a honey bee? No bumbles bees in Australia. Also, have you noticed less bees (all species) this northern summer?

  2. talain45 said:

    The bumble bee that I have in this image is one of the smaller ones I have in my area of New York State. It’s probably 1 1/2 the size larger then the honey bee we have here. They have a lighter yellowish color to them then the large bumble bees that we have that are probably 3 times the size of a honey bee. We have had a serious decline in our honey bees population here as well. There was none to really speak of in the spring up to about mid June. We do have some native bees, but most of the bee keepers are having them imported from Brazil and Africa. I guess they are really hurting in the northern hemisphere as well as Australia. The bumble bees, hornets and wasps seem to be doing just fine and appear to be everywhere just as before we started noticing the decline of the honey bees.

    Sorry that I took so long to respond to your question but I hope this will help some of your curiosity. Thank you for stopping in and asking your questions. It is nice to know what the rest of the world is up to and that they enjoy something like the bumble bees we take for granted that they do not have in their areas.

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