Sunset #41

sunset 041

A sunset image from July 31st that was taken on the Chenango River in Binghamton NY. I took this image on what was to be a short kayaking trip up the river from near my home in Binghamton’s south side near the Susquehanna River and on up too the fork in the river  that’s in the City to the Chenango River wear we were trying to go to Speedy Fest and Balloon Rally via by the river.  The Speedy Fest and Balloon rally is a local big event we have hear every year. I was hoping to get some images of the balloons taking off at the 7pm launch time but I did not make it in time and I missed the main launch and I only caught a few stray late balloons taking off from a distance. So I really did not make it! On the way back down I did snapped this picture to share with you all as the sun was going down. I will have to admit that I got one hell of a workout fighting the current trying to get up in the area of the event and I guess that I have bean feeling it for I’ve bean a bit under the weather for the last few day. I haven’t had much motivation for anything even blogging. I felling better now and thought that I would make one quick post for today, enjoy 🙂

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better… It looks warm, yet ominous. Although, the water is strangely calm. It looks like one of those shots you turn sideways, and put up on your wall as pop art! I like the porrtrait approach. Great job!

  2. Superb photo. And one of those water photos that can be turned upside down and still look very good.

  3. Tiny said:

    That is a gorgeous capture!

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