• The book that I have has it in Central Canada to central California, Texas and central Florida. Absent from the Pacific Northwest Coast and much of the Gulf region. Of course I found this one in central New York State that was not mention in the book, O’ well. Anyway, have a great evening MichellMarie πŸ™‚

      • It’s so lovely! I love butterflies! So that’s why I’ve never seen one they aren’t in Oklahoma! I’m happy you caught one! Yay!

      • Right, you do not have the woodlands like we have up here. I was in Tulsa Oklahoma back in 77. I remember seeing a lot of beautiful butterflies that we do not get here. I ‘m hopping in the next few years that I’ll make my way there as well as Texas and Arizona. Manly for the beautiful birds the you guises have in that area. But anything that gets in front of my lens is fair game.

      • Oh i like that anything that get I. Front of your Lena is fair game! I think a trio is a must! Yay!

  1. I have followed for weeks one monarch here in NC my office secretary caught her on phone and each time i try with camera she Fly away ☺️

    • I have not seen any yet here but there is still time. We see them a lot more in the fall months. Good luck on getting that image of it. Go in slow on it and take your time, they are kind jumpy with quick movement around them. Take care, MT πŸ™‚

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