Dragonfly #6

Dragomfly 006

A Black-faced Skimmer Dragonfly that I found up to the farm recently. These Black-faced Skimmers are new this year up there and they are sharing the same fields with our more common Widow Dragonfly that we have had. The only difference between the two that I can see is the black patches on the inner wings of the Widow Dragonfly has, the Black-faced Skimmer don’t. The white markings on the wing tips of the Black-faced Skimmer wings, the Widow Dragonfly do not have, they are black on him. Other than that, they are both very much similar in size and coloration down to the yellow strip on their backs.

If your queries, I just posted a Widow Dragonfly a few posts ago for comparison. It should be the second one up in my Dragonfly category behind this post.

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