Cedar Waxwing #3

Cedar Waxwing 003

A Cedar Waxwing from June 13th.

  1. Interesting-looking bird, aren’t they? I just posted one myself, one of few we’ve seen this season.

    • Yes they are! They are one of my favorites birds to watch and listen too. One of the few birds you can call in. Thank you for your visit and your comment 🙂

  2. Nice shot of the mask. These birds are so interesting-looking and there is less difference between male and female than there are in other species, it seems. (Posted one, too, today!)

  3. Where did you spot this Cedar Waxwing? We’ve had them in the backyard along the riverbank.

    • This image I believe was taken up to some family farm property to the north of us here. I had a pair of them nest in the back yard this year but I have not been able to get any workable images of them yet.

      • The ones I’ve photographed often land on open branches more than any other bird I’ve tried to capture. It’s rather curious, but has given me an opportunity to photograph them up close.

  4. Leslie said:

    One of my favorite birds. They are always so elegant looking, as if they were all dressed up to go out on the town.

  5. I have one red fellow that each time i saw him I cant get a photo im in the watch lol

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