Bald Eagle #34

Bald Eagle 034 A Bald Eagle that gave us a nice showing of itself while we were Kayaking on the Susquehanna River near Vestal NY on July 12th. We went out on this particular day after 5pm and primarily stayed around Murphy’s Island, an oddity around our parts. It has a house on it! I believe that it is the only one in Broome County in the river. Anyway, we had just launched and headed up stream from Moore’s Park when it landed over us in a tree overlooking the general area. The Eagle just stayed there, the entire outing that we were there, watching over us from its vantage point. It was like a spiritual outing with its presents looking out over us. I don’t get too many opportunities to get this close to it  in the wild so of course I took advantage of it and took a great many shots of it. I did not get one or two of the great shots (with perfect clarity) that we strive for, but a good handfull of images like this one. Hope you enjoy it, MT 🙂


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