Ring-necked Pheasant collection

Ring-necked Pheasant 001

A male Ring-necked Pheasant that I saw back on April 2nd crossing rout 20 near the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge witch is between Auburn and Seneca Falls New York. I may have a siting of these colorful birds once or twice a year on my travel in or around New York State and Pennsylvania. I would love to see more of them in the future. These images came from my old camera (Canon EOS T2i) and I believe that that was the last outing that I used it before moving on to the Canon EOS 70D. I have bean getting some really nice results with it recently after a few hiccups. It’s a great mid range camera before jumping into the big leagues of professional photography. All of my posts of any subject maters after April 15th are from the EOS 70D if you would like a comparison between the two camera in my amateur hands. These shoots of the Pheasant today were taken in a low quality of lighting day and If I remember right it was very overcast that day. I was lucky to get the shoots at all. As I seed before, it as really nice to see one anyway. Enjoy 🙂

Ring-necked Pheasant 002Ring-necked Pheasant 003

  1. Tiny said:

    Very nice collection! I don’t think I’ve seen this bird “live”.

  2. Lee said:

    Yet to see one of these in the wild. Nice photos.

  3. This bird is an introduced non-native bird in my neck of the woods, but still gorgeous. Nice shots. I also upgraded from the T2i recently to a 7DII. Better ISO capability but that T2i was a great camera and makes for a good back-up.

  4. I cant wait to get big girl camera 😉 for now learning with T5 LOVE THE PICTURES!!

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