Post 1700, Is it a huge world after all?

Insect 017

An ant walking on a orange Lilly flower in the back yard. If we perceive the world to be big and accessible, how does an ant perceive it? I’m sure we would view his world as being alien to us at first though we know that in-fact it is not. It is just our perspective of it that we normally do not focus on or pay any attention to. We always look for the big picture in things that matter to us in our lives, events or locations we visit. I love traveling and finding new things to do and take pictures of it all. I have been to Europe, seen Romania and Switzerland for a short time. I have enjoyed all of the beautiful gifts that I’ve witnessed on my travels there. I’ve been in the Canadian North East and the American West Coast and have enjoyed the adventures of the journeys to them.  But, through it all I can still find beauty and undiscovered areas in my own back yard that gives me pleasure. I take delight in sharing those images of the adventures and finds with you no matter how big or small they may be. I have enjoyed looking into the ant’s world in this image and I’m looking forward to finding some more new things that have been right under my nose and maybe I will gain a whole new perspective on things in my own little world from the back yard. Oh, and the farm. LOL. I encourage you to look for a new perspective on your own little world to realize how big it really is. Take care and enjoy your evening or day, MT 🙂

  1. M E Cheshier said:


  2. Beautiful lily with such vibrant color and including a bug in its details. So cool and wonderful!

    • Thanks Robin, I’m glad that you liked it. I thought you liked the birds more 🙂

      • You are so right about birds! But I branch out to flowers, animals, pretty buildings and even bugs. 🙂

  3. Beauty to be found in small things, events, and all over the earth, how wonderful to realise that this is also where happiness lies.

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