An unexpected visit from and old girl

2015-06-10 200_1

This past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had a visitor to the Broome County Airport that has not bean here in quit some time. I remember seeing this B-29 as a young boy so many years ago on it last visit. I’m probably just as excited to see her now as I was back then. “FIFI” is the last remaining flit worth B-29 in the world. Definitely one of a kind. She is part of the Commemorative Air Force based out of Texas. She is on a tour right now of North America for the rest of her summer season. Yesterday, today and I believe tomorrow she is in Rochester NY. From there she is heading to Albany and then I think Connecticut. I think you can find her schedule on ether of these sites if your interested if she is going to be near you. Twitter @CAFB2924Squad or Facebook B29B24Squadron. I’m also sure if you go to these sites that you will find more information on this plane as well as others.

These are some on the images I took on my little excursion to the airport to see her, enjoy.

O’, they also a B-24 on tour too as well. The Diamond Lil.

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  1. David said:

    “FIFI” was here (Mobile, AL) a couple of years ago. I walked around inside and got some great pictures of here. Hope she comes back one day.

    • It don’t look like this year she’ll be down there for ya! If this helps you or some others that’s great. The rest of her season is as follow that I could find.
      June – Albany NY, Nashua NY, Windsor CT and Lexington KY.
      July – Kankakee IL, Madison WI, Oshkosh WI, Appleton WI, and Cedar Rapids IA.
      August – Home for a time, Fort Wayne IN, Ypsilanti MI, and Cincinnati OH.
      September – St. Louis MO, Branson MO, Great Bend KS, Muskogee OK, Kansas City KS, and the home for the season.

      I could not find anything out for next years schedule season. I did go to the site for this information. Hope it helps you and some others maybe. Good luck, MT 🙂

  2. Love those old planes. If you ever find yourself in Ohio, the Air Force Museum in Dayton is superb!

    • I have bean there twice already. I’d love to go back with my digital camera though, I only had my 35mmm the last two visits. I few that it restrained me from the amount of pictures that I would have love to take the old birds. I will make it back out there some day. It’s a 10 hour trip from here by road or maybe a little longer the way I drive now. I use to have a lead foot! anyway, thank you – MT 🙂

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