Tulips, set two

Flower 046

I love these one very much, they have such a neat quality to them selves. Color, smell you name it! They are pretty cool in my mind. My wife had special order these from Europe I believe several years ago and she use to be able to tell me what they were called. So to remind you that I enjoy taking picture of most flowering plants and shrubs but in most cases I do not know there names of variety so fell free to jump in at any time and identify my images of them. Thank you, MT

Flower 047Flower 031

  1. Joanne said:

    Honestly, if you hadn’t said they were tulips I would never have guessed – until moving to the Northern Hemisphere I had no idea (nor appreciation) that there were so many varieties of tulips! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Your very welcome! Glad that you enjoyed the images 🙂

  2. Harmony said:

    I love this kind of tulips with very jagged edges and two-tone colors, true wonders.

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