Eastern Phoebe #7

Eastern Phoebe 007

A picture of an Eastern Phoebe that I took up to the farm on May 3rd.

  1. ianl56 said:


  2. Chenias said:

    Hi Michael! I really enjoy Your photographs, especially wildlife ones. I am a quite novice wildlife photographer (birds are my favourite category) so I would really appreciate if You posted also a latin names of the species. I am sure that many people watching Your blog are from many different regions of the world, they speak different languages and even if they know english there is quite difficult to know the english names of species. I think the latin names are much more universal and would make really easier to find the native name of the species in each language. For example the latin name of the species from the picture You posted above is Sayornis phoebe. Best Regards! Chenias

    • I will try for a short time to do that for ya. I can not promise it for long though. Most of the time I’m making my posted on my lunch brake at work and I usually do not have my field guides with me.

      • Chenias said:

        I appreciate it, but it was just my opinion, my thought. It is more general than any objection to You. It would be nice if anyone who share his nature photographs with the rest of international community use to put also a latin names. Just to make this sharing easier not only for novice but also for experienced watchers. I hope You haven’t got it personally. Best Regards!

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