Bobolink #8

Bobolink 008

A Male Bobolink that was in the back field at the farm. These lovely birds come in to my area about early to mid May to raising their chicks  in the thick grass from ground nesting through out the fields at the farm. I can usually see quit a few of them until mid to late July when they seem to just go away. I’ve had difficulty trying to get close to them in the past because of the openness of the areas they prefer. I’m still waiting on a really good shoot of one. Maybe this summer perhaps it will come to me.

  1. Alix said:

    patience comes to those who wait. Good luck.

  2. I’m still waiting to get any shot of this bird. You see them and hear them fly over sometimes, but its tough to get them on the ground. Nice work.

    • Thank you 🙂 I would visit the fields that they were in very regularly. The birds would get use to my presents to some degree and I could slowly worked my way in on them over a period of time. They are very skittish bird and do take to flit quickly. This worked for me so give it a try if you got the time and good luck. Good shooting, MT

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