Scarlet Tanager #11

Scarlet Tanager 011

An image of a male Scarlet Tanager from May 18 of 2014. I spent about two weeks in the back woods at the farm on my down time trying to get images of him and his female. He finely came close enough to get images of but I never got images of her that would work. I came across three pairs of them last year, The pair at the farm, one at the Little Chocnut #2 site and the other’s were in the woods near my home. One of my favorite birds, it and the Indigo Bunting always get my undivided attention when I know they are close at hand.

On a down note, I’m running out of decent bird images from last year and I have not been out this year birding yet. I there will be most likely a lot more flower posts until I can come up with some more bird images.

  1. vera ersilia said:

    You take beautiful photos of flowers. I am looking forward to your next series.

  2. kiwiskan said:

    I love your birds – and they are not easy to capture. I think the ones here are allergic to cameras…

  3. How lovely he is! *(chatters)* don’t feel bad, human- I haven’t been able to get close to him either! Dang bird.

  4. Alix said:

    Don’t you worry. Your pics are always wonderful to look at, then you’ll surprise us bloggers.

  5. RV John said:

    Scarlet Tanager are beauties, congratulations on catching the shot.

  6. joshiphotoeye said:


    Have a nice a day

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