Daily Archives: January 24, 2015

A night shoot of the Washington Street Bridge in Binghamton NY. Yes, I do take a lot of images of this bridge if your familiar with my work. This is the only bridge in my area that gives me a magical feeling when I look at it compared to the other ones in the area. It's got a majestic quality to it as it stands over the Chenango River.

This is a collection of butterfly images from this year that I have not use of yet and are a thank you gift to T how is one of my many avid followers. On a resent post I had promisted her that I would make a collection of butterflies post. It's not my best of work but it'll have to do, It's all I got left. I have already posted almost all on the really good images and I hope these will do the trick and be a pleasure to vow. A little short story first! Trini is usually one of the first person to leave a like on one of my newly published posts. I was queues one time and I kept track of hominy time that she was the first one to like my posts. Well, several time and at one stretch she placed the first like on 17 consecutive posts. I bet she don't even know that!  Trini runs two blogs of her own, "Paths of the Spirit" and "Granny's Garden" that I recently just found. Trini write articles about spirituality, multiculturalism, and psychology. She also publish poems, and stories for children in various magazines and newspapers. Her heart beats for poetry as she wrote on her gravatar page . She is very talented and I do enjoy her works. I give much thanks to her and all of you for your continued support and nice worm comments. Much thanks to you all. The first two Butterfly are a Painted Lady and the fallowing two images are of the American Copper Butterfly and one of my personal favorites. Butterfly 062 Butterfly 044 Butterfly 046 A White Admiral Butterfly Butterfly 030 Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly 013 Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly Butterfly 012 Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly 004 Pearly Crescentspot Butterfly 040 Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly 038 Comma Butterfly 033 Dark Wood Nymph Butterfly 052 Common Sulphur Butterfly 056 Monarch Butterfly 067 An Eastern Black Swallowtail flying in the back field at the farm. Butterfly 020 All of these images of butterfly's are from my area of NYS. It is not all of the one we have hear but it is most of the larger ones. This collection is also missing the Skippers Type Butterflies that we have in this area in great numbers and different varieties. I just don't have  any good images of them unfortunately. Thank you Trini, hope you liked the post. Thank you everyone for the kindness you've shown, MT :)