Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

I wanted to do this post back in late December but I was having computer troubles. These are some of the better shot that I have taken last year. You probably remember most of them, well at lest my avid followers. Hope you can enjoy all 30 images, again :) Above we have the Ruby-crowned Kinglet and bellow is a Tree Swallow. Tree Swallow 004 A White-breasted Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch 017 Monarch Butterfly Butterfly 069 Female Cardinal   Cardinal 046 Black-throated Green Warbler Black-throated Green Warbler 066 Sunset at the Keewaydin State Park Marina I Alexandria Bay NY Keewaydin SP 25   Mallard Ducklings Mallard Ducks 031 Easter Bluebird eastern bluebird040 Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged blackbird 050 Baby Barn Swallows Barn Swallow 003 American Robin American Robin 013 Flowers 299 Taughannock Falls, Ithaca NY Taughannock Falls 16 Osprey Osprey 022 B-25 Bomber at the Rochester Air Show R.A.S. 107 B-25 Canada Goose canada Geese 065 Dark-eyed Junco Dark-eyed Junco 009 light 003 Blue Jay bluejay031 Gray Catbird Gray Catbird 007 Sunset on the Washington Street Bridge in Binghamton NY sun set 016 Cedar Waxwing Cedar Waxwing 023 Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Butterfly 060 Flowers 446 Dragonflys 011 Flowers 345 Mallard Ducks 016 Orange Sulphur Butterfly Butterfly 071 Scarlet Tanager Scarlet Tanager 022